Digital Signature Certificate is a secure digital formula provided by certifying authorities to validate and certify the identity of the certificate holder. As the leading Class 3 Digital Signature Certificate provider in Bangalore, we provide Class 3A and Class 3B DSC anywhere in India from certifying authorities such as e-Mudhra, (n) Code Solutions, Capricorn and Safe Script. The DSC provided by certifying authorities is helpful in authenticating the details of the person who holds the certificate while conducting business online. What makes us different is that instead of signing the papers and scanning them physically, you can sign the PDF files digitally and send them quickly via email, without being physically present to conduct or authorize a business.

Every business house with revenues over INR 60 lakhs should use DSC while filing returns. Considering this factor, we help companies in getting the signature certificates easily without much effort. Digital Signature Certificate is relevant if the involved transactions are of greater fraud risk and very high financial value. While Class 3A digital signature is meant for individual users, Class 3B digital signature is meant for company user. The DSC is mainly used for e-commerce applications and for bidding in e-auctions and it is mandatory for online tender participants. However, the certificate is issued to individual users only on their appearance before the certifying authorities.

Documents needed for Proprietorship

  • PAN Card/Aadhar card/Voter id or Passport copy of the Proprietor
  • Attested copy of Bank Details with bank statement (first 2 pages)
  • ITR-V i.e. Latest income tax return copy

Documents needed for Partnership firm

  • Attested copy of Pan of Partner or Aadhar card or Voter id or Passport copy
  • Attested copy of Organizational PAN Card
  • Authorization letter with signature
    List of Partners with their signature and seal on letterhead
  • Attested copy of Bank Statement (first 2 pages)
  • Attested copy of Partnership Deed (first 2 pages)
  • Attested copy of last ITR (First 2 pages)

Documents needed for Private or Limited companies

  • Attested copy of Pan Card/ Electoral ID/ Passport
  • List of Directors with seal and signature on letter head
  • Authorization letter with seal and signature
  • Attested copy of Organizational PAN Card
  • Attested copy of the bank details with statement (first 2 pages}
  • Attested copy of first 2 pages of Memorandum of Association (MOA)
  • Attested copy of Incorporation Certificate
  • Attested copy of the last audit report and annual return (first 2 pages)
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